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Staff Directory


Claudia Tucker

Supervisor, District 2 Chair
Claudia Tucker
  • Mailing Address
    , P.O. Box 390
    VA, 24521
Primary Department: Board of Supervisors

Professional Profile

I was elected to serve as Supervisor in November 2009 and began my term on January 1, 2010.
I am originally from Prince George County, Va.  I am from a farming background and was the first in my family to graduate from college.  With a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, I was one of the first women hired by Philip Morris.  After eighteen years at Philip Morris I had done everything from loading tractor trailers to becoming the Manager of Distribution.  In that capacity I learned firsthand the importance of GOOD budget work and time and resource planning.  I was responsible for an inventory of over 1 billion dollars, a facility that was 20 acres under roof and included over 250 employees.  My brother and I farmed together in Dinwiddie County and raised beef cattle.  We bought cattle from Bill Tucker of Amherst, and in 1996 Bill and I were married.  Living in Amherst and working in Richmond lasted for about two years.  I was able to use my business background and understanding of market share to help Delegate Vance Wilkins in his goal to become Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates.  As Chief of Staff, I realized that one of my strong points is my ability to bring people together from differing points of view to achieve compromise.  The most important thing that I learned is the importance of taking care of your constituents.  While policy is important, it is a distant second to listening and helping the people of this district.  I now work as the Senior Director of State Government Affairs for Medco Health Solutions.  Medco is a Fortune 50 company based in New Jersey.  I am a poster child for telecommuting and understand how important it is that we provide access to high speed internet so that the residents of Amherst can have the opportunity that many of us are now enjoying through telecommuting.  Bill and I have three daughters - Taylor, Ruth and Avery.  They attend college at Virginia Commonwealth University, Duke and Ole Miss respectively.  I encourage the citizens of Amherst to get involved in their local government and should you have any questions, please call or email me with your questions, comments and suggestions.